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PHS Library Staff:


jeff sessions

Media Specialist:

Jeff Sessions

lorie swainston

Testing Director:

Lorie Swainston

clydelle jones

IEN/IDLA Director:

Clydelle Jones


mla mini handbook  Click on the picture to access the MLA Mini Handbook.



Research Databases:


Gale Database


Password: pres34425

EBSCO database

Username: preston

Password: library21!

lili database

Zip Code and City

Biography Database - temporary Trial = Biography in Context  Password = beve19253



History EBooks by Salem Press:

19th 20th 21st presidents first ladies ancient world notorious lives WWW 1970

www 1980

Click on the book logo to access the ebooks. ebooks Password: prestonindians               



*Please note the drop down menu on the upper right. It contains links to writing helps, career information, online classes(IDLA), biographies, and more.


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Mrs. Tueller German Class Links:

Tongue Twisters

Crossword Maker