PHS School Songs

Last Updated: 2/5/2019 4:39 PM

phs spirit


PHS Alma Mater

1- Preston High, Our Alma Mater

How our hearts do swell

When thy name is breathed or spoken

O' we love thee well.



Raise the emblems of our power

Hail the Blue and White

Sound a cheer the world can hear

Our spirit is our might


2- Admiration fills the students

At the colors sight

Blue and White the chosen symbols

Of our Preston High.




3- Many sacred memories linger

Round the old, stone wall

Lo, in dreams live voices echo

Through the time worn halls.




4- When the years have bowed our figures

And our hair is white

Memory's hand will guide our footsteps

Back to Preston High.



PHS Fight Song

O Preston High, O Preston High,

Our Mighty Blue and White,

We're on our way to victory

So shout for us tonight.

Our team is great, our spirit's high,

We'll fight with all our might.

United we will stand and cheer

Our Preston Blue and White.