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A Few Things to Keep in Mind

Advisory is ultimately about the kids. We're providing lesson plans and suggested activities, but that should never trump an activity or lesson that you feel would better serve your specific students. In fact, if you do something great that works, let us know and we'll add it to the running list of lessons we're building for next time around. Ultimately, we want you to get to know your students and get them what they need to succeed in life.


Pantheon of PRIDE:

Spotlight on "Prepared":  Eliud Kipchoge



Back to School

Team-Building Activities



Try Kindness

An Attitude of Gratitude

Academic Honesty:  Creating the Best Possible You

Academic Integrity

The Courage to be Positive

Mastering my Media



Goal setting:  Direction:  SMART

Planning to Thrive

Academic self-accountability:  Checking In

Growth Mindset, Lesson A

Growth Mindset, Lesson B

Strengthening Study Habits

Standardized Test-Taking Tips  

Dealing with Cyber Meanness

Teen Worker Safety

Finessing Finals



4 Skills & 4 Steps

Standardized test prep:  3 Hours, 30 Minutes...

A Career Crystal Ball?  Career assessments

Coding savvy:  Hour of Power

Uncovering the Cover Letter

Crafting a Strong Resume

Job interview advice:  Help Me... Help You.

Skills to Pay the Bills


Just for 12th Grade/11th Grade:

Launch Year!  (Seniors)

How to Create a Master Scholarship Application File


Just for 10th Grade/9th Grade:

Preparing now to be a competitive candidate later:  People, Get Ready!

Funds for training while in high school:  Show Me the Money!


Below are links to resources mentioned in lessons, in case you have trouble accessing them or need to refer back to them later.


Lesson Resources Bank

“Start with the End in Mind” 
by Isaiah Hankel
​[Start at 5:48, go until 14:20]
“Achieve More by Setting SMART goals”
SMART Goal Planner pdf handout

"Computer Science is Changing Everything" video

"Unplugged Activity:
Getting Loopy" 

"Hour of Code" activities

"Self-Evaluation of Academic Progress" form (prints 2 to a page)

​"Nature. Beauty. Gratitude" video

"An Experiment in Gratitude" video

Saturn rocket launch video

"Senior Year Action Items" checklist

"Priority Application Deadlines" list

Funding for Your Future Prezi

Career Assessments

Career Assessments Notes

Study Less, Study Smart
condensed video

Virtual High School video

Ronald Williams Library video

Brian Fraser video

Waterloo University video

"Growing Your Mind" video: 
​Khan Academy

"Neuroplasticity" video: Sentis

"The Power of Belief" video

Fixed vs. Growth Mindsets infographic

Service Experiences Log sheet

Leadership Experiences Log sheet

"How to Become a Strong Scholarship Candidate" PowerPoint

"How to Create a Master Scholarship Application File" PowerPoint

“How You Treat People is
​Who You Are!”

“Kindness Can Be the Norm” video

 “Simple Acts of Kindness” video

“How to Change the World with Kindness” video

"Don't Fight Monday" video

4 Skills & 4 Steps video

Career Atlas research tool

Advanced Opportunities video