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We, the students of Preston High School, in order to establish a representative form of government, encourage good school citizenship, promote student and faculty co-operation, foster a common interest in school activities, and assure for ourselves and for our succeeding classes a responsibility for the welfare and good order of the school, do ordain and establish this constitution for the Preston High School of Preston, Idaho

Article I - Organization

Section 1 - NAME:  This organization shall be known as the Associated Student body or Preston High School 

Section 2 - MOTTO:  The motto of Preston High School shall be Pride, Honor and Service. 

Section 3 - THEME:  The theme of Preston High School shall be a statement of value and purpose formulated each year by the Executive Council as an objective goal to accomplish. 

Section 4 - EMBLEM:  The official emblem of Preston High School shall be the Indian. 

Section 5 - COLORS:  The colors of Preston High School shall be Royal Blue and White with Gold trim. 

Section 6 - SCHOOL SONG:  The school song or alma mater shall be Hail Preston High. 

Section 7 - MEMBERSHIP:  Membership and full privileges of this organization shall be granted to all students who register and pay dues and abide by this constitution unless determined ineligible by the administration of Student Council. 

Section 8 - PUBLICATIONS:  The official publications of Preston High School shall be; the annual yearbook entitled QUIVER; the newspaper entitled WAR CRY; the literary magazine entitled REFLECTIONS, and the handbook.

Article II - Executive Council

Section 1 - OFFICES:  The executive offices of this association shall consist of a president, an executive vice-president, a secretary, an activities vice-president, a programs vice-president, a public relations vice-president, a financial vice-president, a mascot, a yearbook editor, an underclassmen representative, and the president of each class. These fourteen elected offices shall be known as the Executive Council of the Associated Student body of Preston High School.

Section 2 - DUTIES:  It shall be the duty of the Executive Council to consider all matters concerning the student body and to be invested with executive and administrative powers. The Executive Council will: charter all student organizations, conduct student body elections, coordinate calendar, and direct all school affiliated student activities, fill all vacancies, and record service points.

Section 3 - MEETINGS:  The Executive Council shall meet daily during the school year with assigned faculty advisor. Minutes of the business meetings of this council shall be kept and published.  

Article III - Student Council

Section 1 - MEMBERS:  The Student Council shall  consist of all members of the Executive Council plus all Club Presidents and the chief editors of the school publications. 

Section 2 - DUTIES: It shall be the duty of the Student Council to coordinate all various activities of the student body. This council shall also act as a representative forum for the student body. Members shall work together to promote in every possible way the best interest and spirit of Preston High School. This council shall initiate any corrective action necessary for delinquency from club, class, or school constitutions.  

Section 3 - MEETINGS:  The Student Council shall meet regularly during the school year, usually during the assigned period for the Executive Council. Minutes of these meetings shall be kept and published.

Article IV - Classes and Clubs

Section 1 - CLASSES:  The Senior, Junior, Sophomore, and Freshman classes, being integral parts of the Student body, shall be entitled to organize and to be represented on the Executive Council and in the Student Council. 

Section 2 - CLASS OFFICERS & QUALIFICATIONS:  The class officers shall consist of a President, a Vice-President, a Social-Vice President, and a Secretary-treasurer. To qualify for a class office, a student must maintain a scholastic average of at least 2.5 and hold no other major office. Should a class officer fail to maintain an average grade of2.5 for two consecutive nine week periods, his removal from office shall be mandatory by the Student Council. 

Section 3 - DUTIES:  The Class President shall preside at all class meetings, and be a member of the Executive Council. He shall also appoint committees. The Class Vice-President shall preside in the absence of the President and serve in the best interest for the class. The Social Vice-President shall be the coordinator of all class activities. The Class Secretary-Treasurer shall be responsible for keeping a record or all class activities, the minutes of class meetings. 

Section 4 - CLUBS:  Any group of students desiring to form a club having worthwhile objectives are encouraged to do so. All clubs within the school must have a constitution on file with the Executive Council and have an assigned faculty adviser. 

Section 5 - CLUB OFFICERS & QUALIFICATIONS:  Club officers shall be defined by their respective constitutions and shall have the highest officer attend Student Council as a representative. Officers shall also not hold other major offices.

Section 6 - DUTIES:  All clubs exist for, and must be honestly striving for achievement of worthy pursuits and service. An annual accounting of the clubs service will be conducted by the Executive Council. 

Article V - Elections

Section 1 - OFFICES: To qualify as an officer of the student body as president, executive vice-president, secretary, activities vice-president, or programs vice-president, a student shall be a member of the Junior class. To qualify for public relations vice-president or financial vice-president, a student shall be a member of Sophomore of Junior class. To qualify for underclassmen representative, a student shall be a member of the sophomore class only.  A qualification to maintain a Student body office shall be at least a 2.5 grade average. The Student Council shall have power to vacate any office whose occupant is consistently delinquent in the matter of maintaining the 2.5 average or in his actions. 

No Student shall be eligible to hold more than one major office. Major offices are defined as Student body Officers, Cheerleaders, class officers, and Publications Editor.  

Section 2 - ELECTION COMMITTEE:  The election committee shall consist of the Student body officers, the executive council advisor, and the principal. 

It shall be the duty of this committee to give general supervision to the election: to print and distribute the ballots, to tabulate the votes, to announce the results of the elections, and to conduct such other activities and business as may be necessary to carry on an election which will be fair and just to all concerned. 

Section 3 - PRIMARY ELECTION: Each candidate for Student body office shall obtain a petition form from the corresponding Student body Officer for which he or she is running for. This petition shall be signed by the school principal, five percent of the student body and four faculty members, one of which must be of the current Executive Council advisor

Each candidate for a Student body office shall file the petition card on a date set by the executive council.

The primary election shall be held on a date set by executive council. The election committee shall tabulate the votes.

The two candidates with the largest number of votes for each office will be the candidates place on the ballot for the general election. 

Only persons officially elected in the primary election shall have their names on the general election ballot.

Section 4 - GENERAL ELECTION:  Candidates running for any office shall be placed on a party. 

Candidates may conduct a campaign. Campaigns will end with the Campaign Assembly on a date approved by the executive council. Any student who is a current activity card holder and enrolled and present in Preston High School on the day of the election shall be eligible to vote.

Voting shall be held  following the Campaign Assembly on a date approved by the executive council.

The candidates receiving the highest number of votes for each office in the general election shall be declared elected. Write in candidates shall not be counted.

Ballots cast in the general student body election shall be tabulated by the election committee and the results shall be announced at the Inaugural Ball.

Section 5 - INSTALLATION OF THE STUDENT BODY OFFICERS:  Student body Officers shall be installed at a general assembly and shall hold office until their successors are duly elected and qualified. 

They shall be installed by the immediate past Student body President, Vice-President, Secretary, or Social Vice-President, or by the immediate past Senior Class Officers.

Article VI - Awards

Section 1 - ARROWHEAD AWARD:  It shall be the desire and intent of the Associated Student body of Preston High School to reward any student who dedicates their services or leadership to the causes and purposes of Preston High School. The Arrowhead Award shall signify school spirit and participation in school activities. It shall be awarded on a point system reflecting service or leadership rendered to the purposes of Preston High School. 

Section 2 - QUALIFICATIONS:  To qualify for an invitation to the Arrowhead Awards Banquet a student must (1) be a graduating senior, (2) have an acceptable school citizenship record, (3) have earned 80 or more points in two or more of the activities listed below.

Section 3 - POINT SYSTEM:  Arrowhead points shall be given only for activity while at Preston High School. The advisor of activities should judge carefully the service or leadership rendered by each student participant then determine the fair number of points on the scale for that activity. (A working guide would be to grant one activity point for each three hours of service.) It is manifestly unfair to give all students in an activity the maximum number of points - the maximum number should be awarded for exceptional service only. Advisors shall turn in points to the appointed class point manager. The points should be given for activity outside the regular requirements of club or class membership and are to awarded on a sliding scale for each activity as follows:

0-20 Points Executive Council 0-15 Points Varsity Athletes, Cheerleaders, Phi-Dels, Pep Band, Class Officers, Editors & Staff (War Cry, Quiver), Leads-Musical Play 0-10 Points Arrow Flight, Chamber Choir, Pep Club, FFA, FHA, Vica, J.V. Athletes, Drama, Marching Band 0-5 Points German, Spanish, Lettermen, O.E.A., Photo, Rifle, Rodeo, Ski, Choir, Frosh Athletes, Committees (Assembly, Class), 1 yr. Perfect Attendance, Nat. Honor Society, Honor Roll, Participation (Musical, Play), Club Officers.

Article VII - Amending the Constitution

Section 1 - This constitution may be amended when such an amendment is approved by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Council and Student Council, and a two-thirds majority of the student body voting by ballot.