Career Information System (CIS)

Career Information System (CIS)
Idaho's Career Information System provides comprehensive career information, resources and services to help you make successful education and career decisions.

Preston High's subscription to the CIS will allow students to:

1) Create their own account.  Log in to the below account; our username is "preston" and our password is "indians04"

2)  Students (or parents) then customize their own log in information on the subsequent page.

3)  We recommend that students create their own portfolio.  Whenever they complete an assessment, or explore an occupation, or do a scholarship search, they click the "save" button and it saves that work in their portfolio for later use.

4)  Some features to benefit our students?  The career assessments on CIS (such as Work Importance Locator, Interest Profiler, and Reality Check), the Resume Creator, the Occupation exploration tab, the scholarship search (both regular & Idaho scholarships), and the college preparation/action list feature.

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