PHS Senior Project

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The Preston High School Senior Project is a cumulative activity where students devise, execute, document, and formally present a multi-disciplinary learning experience. Successful completion of the project is required for graduation.


Project Supervisors: Jeff Sessions, Lorie Swainston, Clydelle Jones

Committee Members: Becky Hatch, Stormy Heinz, Matt Shumway, Andrea Spencer


Important upcoming dates:

September 30th, 2019 = Last day to have topics and activities approved before projects are assigned!


The Senior Project Process:

Step 1 = Attend an orientation meeting and obtain a project binder/portfolio. Two orientations are offered; the first in January of the student's junior year, and the other in August of the student's senior year. (20 points)

Step 2 = Students must get supervisor approval for their chosen topic by completing and submitting the topic proposal form (link is below). Students must learn something new or take current knowledge/skill to much higher level. (10 points)

Topic Proposal.    The due date to submit topic proposals has past. If you have questions, see a committee member.

Step 3 = AFTER the student's topic has been approved, students are to submit 4 activity proposal forms (link is below). The hands-on activity option is required for all projects, but students may choose the most applicable three from the other discipline options (math, science, history, government, literature, writing, or visual/performing arts). FORMAL LANGUAGE is required on the forms. Poorly done proposals will be rejected. Students should look at the example form before creating the forms. (50 points each - 200 total)

Example Activity Proposal Form

Activity Proposal Form 

The final date to submit activity proposals has passed.

If you need help, see a project committee member.

Step 4 = Students may NOT begin any work on their project activities until all 4 proposals have been approved and signed by a project supervisor. Once the proposals have been approved and signed, students may begin to work. REMEMBER, all time spent must be recorded in the portfolio work journals AND students must show proof (photos, printed/highlighted articles, notes, documents, experiments, logs,etc.) that the work was done.

Steps 5-7 = Attend the October (show you have a solid start), January (show documentation that you have completed at least 5 hours), and March (show documentation that you have completed at least 10 hours) progress checks. Specific deadline dates will be identified through Senior English teachers. (50 points for each check)

Step 8 = Finish the completed projects and required assignment of the portfolio and turn it in to the library by the assigned due date. This is usuall in early April. Late projects will be penalized 20% per day. (400 points)

Step 9 = Students give a 20 minute formal presentation on their growth and learning throug the project to a board of judges on Senior Project Presentation Day (toward the end of April). 


Below are links to PDF files that make up the senior project binder:

Work Journal PDFs are below (All students need the hands-on WJ, but only the 3 other WJ that match their chosen areas):