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Last Updated: 11/24/2020 6:06 PM


Preston School District Parents,
On Sunday, November 22, the waiver we were granted for increasing the number of spectators at Preston School District events held at the high school expired.  We are now required to follow the expectations of Stage 2 as set forth by Governor Little on November 13th at all of our facilities.  As you know we have petitioned the governor’s office to request that spectators be allowed to participate.  At this time the governor has not decided to grant any additional waivers, however, his office will continue to consider the petition of our district and others.

What that means for our district is that until a change is indicated by the governor we will not be able to allow any non-parent spectators to attend the games in person.  Games will continue to be streamed on  While there is limited flexibility as far as parents go, we will work directly with parents of students who are participating in the activities, through their coaches and school administrators, to address who can attend and the process for doing so.

While we are grateful that our activities can continue, doing so without spectators is not our desire and we will continue to advocate at the state level for as many participants as we can safely maintain in any given event.  We have hopes that we will be able to do so soon. 

We will continue to communicate with you as the situation changes and we commit to continuing to advocate for spectators to be allowed.

Preston School District Administration