Sources of Strength

Last Updated: 1/3/2019 6:51 PM

Preston High School was awarded a grant for the 2014-2016 school years to participate in the Idaho Lives Project (ILP). ILP’s mission is to foster connectedness and resilience throughout Idaho school communities to prevent youth suicide. The Project brings comprehensive, evidence-based programs to communities statewide and strives in all of its efforts to help Idaho youth find the hope, help and strength they need to flourish. To accomplish the ILP mission, the Sources of Strength program will be implemented at PJH and PHS. 

Sources of Strength is a best practice youth suicide prevention project that utilizes the power of peer social networks to change unhealthy norms and culture and ultimately prevent suicide, bullying and substance abuse. The program is designed to prevent suicide by increasing help seeking behaviors and connections between peers and caring adults with a focus on Hope, Help and Strength. Sources of Strength takes a different approach in youth suicide prevention by moving beyond a singular focus on risk factors through building multiple sources of support around young individuals so that when times get hard they have strengths to rely on.

A select group of students will be trained as peer leaders by Sources of Strength staff. Several PJH staff will also receive training and will support the peer leaders throughout the year in implementing the program.

For more information, please access the Sources of Strength and Idaho Lives Project website links below:

Sources of Strength

Idaho Lives Project