This year, together with the Preston Education Foundation, the district is sponsoring Educators of the Year  nominations.  We feel that it is important to recognize and celebrate teachers and other educators who have made a difference for others.  To that end we are asking that you nominate district employees who have made a positive difference in the lives of our students.  This might be a teacher, an aide, a bus driver, principal, etc!  The nomination does not need to be public (meaning you can nominate someone and that person won't know) and will only take a minute or two to fill out.  The link is below.  

We will accept nominations through April 7th and then we will gather a group of district staff and foundation members to select the educator.  There will be recognition each year for a district educator of the year as well as recognition for and educator at each school.  

Please take a moment to nominate a co-worker and share the link on the website with others, encouraging them to nominate an educator.  Share this page with everyone in the community on your social media pages! 

We have so many wonderful people who make a difference for our students, we need to be more public in our recognition of their efforts!  


ALTERNATE NOMINATION FORM LINK(if the other doesn't work)

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