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Russ Lee

  Preston High School Principal - Mr. Russ Lee

Russ Lee

School is off to a great start! I am continually amazed with the caliber of our teachers and students. As we start the school year, I’d like to remind everyone to refer to the student handbook for many of questions you may have. One question that keeps coming up is school dances. The following comes directly from the student handbook.  


 “School dances will be held for the enjoyment of Preston High School students.  The dress for dances will be school dress.  It is expected formal wear be appropriate and follow school’s dress code.  For formal dances, formal dresses must be mid-thigh in length (see Dress Code), no midriff showing or other cutouts/sheer areas that reveal in the front of dress, cleavage should be covered, and may not be strapless/backless.  Dresses with no sleeves must have straps that are of significant structure (i.e. no spaghetti straps).  Dresses must have structure in the back though they be cut down.


Inappropriate dancing (i.e. moshing, slam dancing, etc) is prohibited. 


Students who leave the dance without special permission will not be readmitted to the dance. 


Dances will be limited to one per month and dances will end at 11:00 pm (or 11:30 if approved by administration).  Facilities and any other arrangements must receive administrative approval prior to announcement of the dance.


For the safety of students, admittance to dances is limited to PHS students only.  Student identification will be required through an ID card or other school sources.  An exception is made for Homecoming, Unity, Jr. Prom and Girl’s Choice.  Students who wish to bring a date from another school to attend these dances need to complete a guest pass form prior to the date of the dance.  These may be obtained at the main office.  Dates who are recent (1 year previous) PHS graduate must also be in good standing at PHS.


My goal for our students to come to the dances and enjoy their time. I want to answer questions before, rather than turn someone away at the door to the dance.






Preston High School Vice Principal - Mr. Clint Peery


Mr. Harrison



Welcome back to school everyone.  I hope everyone is as excited for this coming school year as I am. Even though I am new to this school and community, it already feels like home.  This is because of all the great students, teachers, parents, and community members that have been so kind to my family and me as we have moved and started to get settled here in Preston.  So, thank you all. 


There are many things to be excited about at the start of this school year. I can't wait to continue to meet and get to know the students and staff here at PHS. Another thing is the implementation of a new school wide program called PBIS.  PBIS focuses on finding and acknowledging the positive things that are happening at PHS. We want to focus on having Preston PRIDE, which stands for Prepared, Responsible, Integrity, Determination, and Engaged. We will have variety of ways to acknowledge students and teachers when they show these characteristics, so keep your eyes out for that.  


Here’s to a great year. 

Mr. Peery 




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