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mastery campus director Dr. Elison-Chang

  Program Director +



brent miller Mr. Miller

 Biology, Science

kimble smith Mr. Smith

 Algebra, Geometry

julie tueller Mrs. Tueller



Spring Semester 2020

Mastery Campus Grading – The grading policy for spring semester 2020 is A, A-, B+, B, B-, P (pass), or I (incomplete).

·      The passing threshold will be 60% rather than the usual 70%.

·      Students requesting a P (pass) in place of A, A-, B+, B, or B- need to contact the school or teacher to request those changes.

·      No grades of C+, C, C- D+, D, D- or F will be issued.

·      Grades of I (incomplete) need to be accompanied with a Plan of Action.

·      Students receiving an Incomplete need to contact and work with your teacher to create a plan of action and a deadline.

·      After the agreed upon deadline the I (incomplete) then turns to a F if the terms of the action plan are not met.   

·      Every Plan of Action needs to be shared with Mr. Lee and Mr. Peery.

·      Students taking classes for credit through an outside agency such as a university need to adhere to that agency's grading criteria and policy. 

·      This policy only applies to spring 2020 semester.