Section 1000: Community Relations

Last Updated: 8/14/2019 3:33 PM

It will be the policy of the board to keep the community informed of the objectives, achievements, needs, and conditions of the school system.  The superintendent of schools will be responsible for initiating and administering a continuous program of communications within the community.  The superintendent will utilize school personnel and all media available in discharging his or her responsibility.


The Board of Trustees recognizes the right of the public to information concerning all of its actions, its policies, and the details of its educational and business operations.  The board encourages study, discussion, and active participation by all concerned in the best possible program of education in the community.  It is the practice of the board to utilize the advice and assistance of all interested individuals and groups in the solution of its educational and financial problems.


In recognizing the cooperating organizations of the Preston School District, and by encouraging their active participation in the educational policy making, the board wishes to make it clear that in no way does it wish to escape its responsibility to the citizens of the community as the official governing body responsible for a final decision on matters of policy and educational programs


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Idaho Code Section 33-506


ADOPTED:   June 1, 2007