Plant Facility Levy Information

Plant Facility Levy Information Last Updated: 3/3/2020 12:17 AM


Preston School District Plant Facility Levy Renewal

On March 10th, 2020, Preston School District will run an election for the renewal of the current plant facility levy.  The levy is for $900,000 annually for a period of five years. This levy is identical in the amounts that are being requested and constitutes a renewal of the current levy which was approved in 2015 and has been in place for the past five years so there would be no increase in taxes. Voting locations can be found below.

What follows is a list of projects that were completed and in process from the last levy and the projected projects for the levy that would be voted on in March.  Photos of the recent projects that have been completed can be viewed following this link:  Completed Project Photos


Link to Presentation about March 10, 2020 Levy Renewal.

Current Levy 2015 through 2020


Future Levy 2021 through 2026

Preston High School Addition--Completed

     3 Standard Classrooms

     1 CNA/EMT/EMR Classroom

     Football Field Concession Stand

     District Technology Offices

Pioneer Elementary Addition--Completed

     New Gymnasium

     8 Standard Classrooms

     2 Multipurpose Teacher Meeting Rooms

     New Main Office

     Remodeled Cafeteria

     New Kitchen

Preston Football Field Concourse and Press Box

     Stadium Seating--In Progress

Oakwood Elementary Pod Remodel--In Progress



Preston High School Old Classroom/Office Updates

Resurfacing of Bus Parking and Junior High West Lot

Preston Jr. High Air Conditioning

Preston Jr. High Bleacher Replacement

Preston Jr. High Music Room Addition

Preston High School Track Surface Renewal

Preston High School Soccer Field Redo

Additional Classrooms for Jr. High Students

Preston Jr. High Additional Parking

Preston High School Old Building HVAC Replacement

Preston High School Roofing

Pioneer HVAC Replacement in Old Section

Oakwood Office Remodeling

Interior Door and Lock Updates PHS/PJH/Pioneer







NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN that pursuant to a resolution of the Board of Trustees of Preston Joint School District #201, adopted on December 18, 2019, a Plant Facility Reserve Fund Levy Election will be held on March 10, 2020 between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 8:00 p.m., for the purpose of voting upon the question and proposition of authorizing a levy in the amount of up to $900,000 per year for the period of five years for the purpose of financing the acquisition of school site(s) and/or the construction, furnishing and equipping of schools, and/or the improvement to any existing building for the District, including all lighting, heating, ventilation and sanitation facilities and appliances necessary to maintain and operate said buildings and facilities, the purchase of school buses, and the payment of lease purchase agreements for any of the above purchases.  An elector must be a registered voter who has resided in this State and this School District at least thirty (30) days preceding the election.  Residents not registered may register at the polls on Election Day with picture ID.  All polling places are handicap accessible.

Said election will be held at the following places:

Preston No. 1                             Oakwood Elementary Gym           525 S. 4th E., Preston

Preston No. 2                             Ambulance Building                       47 S. 1st W., Preston

Preston No. 3                             Robinson Building                          186 W. 2nd N., Preston

Preston No. 4                             North Stake Center                       310 N. State, Preston

Preston No. 5                             Larsen-Sant Library                       109 S. 1st E., Preston

Banida-Winder No. 6                 Winder Church                              4400 N. 1600 W., Preston

Fairview No. 9                             Fairview Church                              165 W. 4800 S., Preston

Franklin No. 10                          Franklin City Building                    128 East Main, Franklin

Mapleton No. 11                        Mapleton Church                          5307 E. CubRiver Rd, Preston

Mink Creek No. 12                     Mink Creek Church                        7316 N. Capitol Hill Rd, Preston

Treasureton-Riverdale No 14    Riverdale Church                           3562 N. 1600 E., Preston

Whitney No. 16                          Whitney Church                            1444 S. 1600 E., Preston

Worm Creek No. 17                   North Stake Center                       310 N. State, Preston